anthro 128 week 4 video analysis

anthro 128 week 4 video analysis - 2.) foraging Eating...

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2.) foraging Eating Threatening Coalition forming Overlord Headshaking Avoidance Gargling Screeching Taking a defensive stance 3.) In the RX video, the camera woman makes an emphasis on Rumors chest area which shows a large, pink, and possibly disfigured piece of skin which may or may not have been her nipple. In most capuchin images I have seen, this prominent nipple is generally not noticed and therefore this may possibly be used as Rumor’s identifying trait. 4.) In the RX video, Rumor catches some type of insect (possibly a grasshopper) while hanging from a branch and begins eating it; Rumor simply reaches down from her position on the branch and catches the insect. I would not have been able to catch this insect for eating because I lack the stealth and speed needed to catch such a meal. In addition to this, I could not see the insect until Rumor was already eating it; being able to see what you are catching is a critical component of the meal attaining process. 5.) During this clip it became evident that Rumor’s goal was to find insects for eating while keeping possible competition away (shown when she makes threatening faces towards the other monkeys). In this type of situation my goal would simply have been to acquire as much food as possible without the need for warding off nearby monkeys. 6.) In this video, Rumor seems to make use of her physical space well; she begins at the base of one tree searching for insects and threatening other monkeys before climbing to the top of another tree in search of more insects. In this type of situation, I would have simply stayed near
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anthro 128 week 4 video analysis - 2.) foraging Eating...

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