anthro 128 week 6

anthro 128 week 6 - Harcourt article(1 A A male who...

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Harcourt article: (1) A) A male who produces more sperm ultimately has a better chance of winning the “sperm battle” between the sperm of other males in species where one female mates with several males. B) A male who produces sperm that is more motile than another male’s sperm is more likely to win the sperm battle because his sperm will arrive at the egg before the other’s sperm. The more motile sperm, is better suited to escape the traps within the female reproductive route such as crypts or mucous. C) In taxa where sexual selection is most intense, penile morphology tended to be more complex. D) Seasonal breeding leads to an intensified sperm battle. Males of a species who breed seasonally may have to produce more sperm in a short period of time and thus they will have larger testicle size. Smuts article: (1) Females generally mated with those males who she already had an established friendship with. The benefits of these relationships to males and females are that a male has increased his chances of mating in the future and the female has increased the probability of survival for her infant; the reproductive success of both partners has been increased. In terms of costs, friendships make the participants vulnerable to social manipulation or redirected aggression by others. Males in these friendships generally do not show an increased investment in their own offspring because in many cases, the male will become befriend his friend’s infant regardless of whether or not it is his own. Van Schaik article: (1) The author proposes that infanticide has lead to males and females engaging in longer relationships which ensures the safety of the female’s infant. Garber article:
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anthro 128 week 6 - Harcourt article(1 A A male who...

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