anthro 128 week 7

anthro 128 week 7 - West-Eberhard article (1) Learning can...

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West-Eberhard article (1) Learning can lead to genetically evolutionary change as long as there is a behavioral decision mediated by learning, learning potentially effects the recurrent expression of particular behaviors, the action of selection, and the course of evolution. (2) Learning imposes a fitness-effect assay on behavioral decisions; a learned novel phenotype influenced by evolved motivation and reward criteria is not random with respect to fitness in the same way mutant genetic mutant novelty is. Learning is important for adaptive evolution because it is a fitness enhancing mechanism, a mechanism formed by natural selection in such a way that it mimics natural selection as a multiplier of adaptive traits. Avital and Jablonka (1)While both ideas offer explanation for behavioral diversity, genetic transmission emphasizes that behavioral diversity is acquired by one’s genetic makeup whereas cultural transmission is the idea that behaviors are learned from learned observations and experiences. Manipulative Monkeys Chapter 5: (1) In an experiment performed by Robert Seyfarth and Dorothy Cheney, they played taped vocalizations of predator calls and observed the elicited response in the vervet monkeys. The scientists observed that the monkeys responded differently to different alarm calls and as a result they were able to purpose the theory that at the level of evolutionary function, the calls are referential (they refer to something in the real world). In terms of capuchins, a similar playback experiment was performed using acoustically different alarm calls; the scientists found that the capuchins reacted differently to different predator alarm calls which provides evidence for the evolution of referential alarm calls. (2) The use of playback experiments enabled Julie Gros-Louis to test whether monkeys called
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anthro 128 week 7 - West-Eberhard article (1) Learning can...

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