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Announcement for Exam 3 The exam is held in the classroom at lecture time on Wednesday, November 11. Please do not be late. You will answer the questions on the sheets I give to you with questions. I will ask you to write down your name and uid on the sheets. Remember to bring your cheat sheet (1 letter size, double sides). No book or calculator is allowed. There are 100 points from new material and no bonus credits. The exams cover section 13.1 - 13.6, 14.1, 14.2, 15.1, 15.3. Problem will be pulled from homework assignment, practice problem or text in the textbook. They may not be exactly the same but are similar. Exam format:
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Unformatted text preview: I. Multiple Choices, 4 problems (20%) : 2 problems involve graphs, 1 problem is to decide the relation of two lines in 3D, 1 problem is about vectors and scalars. II. Equations for Planes (20%): Find an plane equations of the plane that passes through a given point and a given line. III. 3D Curves (20%): (i) Find intersections of a given curve and a given surface. (ii) Find a parametric equation of the tangent line of a given curve at a speci c point. IV. Partial Derivatives (20%): Computer some partial derivatives. V. Inner Product (20%): Use both formula for inner product of two vectors in 3D. 1...
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