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list2 - may need to represent your answer in a series The...

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Unformatted text preview: may need to represent your answer in a series. The problems are from section 12.6 - 12.11, 11.1, 11.2. Problem will be pulled from homework assignment, practice problem or text in the textbook. They may not be exactly the same but are similar. For bonus problems, you will have 2 multiple choice problems. The bonus problems are from the text in your textbook covered in previous exam (7.8, 8.8, 12.1 - 12.5). Not from the homework assignment or from the exam 1. I just want to force you read your textbook again. This is "only" true for bonus problem, not for other problems in exams 2. My point is if you can understand the material and do your homework assignment and practice problems by your own, you will not have di culty to nish every problems in exam. I suggest you to prepare the power series expansions of elementary functions discussed in the examples in the textbook. Also prepare the art length formula in section 11.2 in your cheat sheet. 1...
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