lith - 1 EXAMPLE ONE: Mommys Boys Maternal love is...

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EXAMPLE ONE: Mommy’s Boys Maternal love is exceptionally powerful and creates strong relationships between mothers and their children. Most mothers think highly of their children and want them to succeed and go far in life. An ageless force, this maternal love is a prominent part of many ancient writings including Homer’s The Iliad and The Bible. In both of these works, mothers do not have enough power to give their sons a boost themselves and need the help of paternal figures. Rebekah, of Genesis, lacks the power to bestow a blessing upon or direct the future of her son. Thetis, of The Iliad lacks the power to affect the Trojan War. Therefore, these two loving mothers help their deserving sons achieve honorable roles in society by manipulating the patriarchal figures in their son’s lives. Both use these seemingly more powerful men as a vehicle to do what they themselves want for their sons. So, though it may appear that the male is dominant, it is in fact the woman behind him directing his actions, and through him, getting what she wants for her son. The undying and unwavering love both of these mothers have for their sons is clear from the first interaction between the two pairs. The Bible explicitly states: “Isaac loved Esau, because he ate of his game; but Rebekah loved Jacob” (Genesis 25:28). The use of the word “but” here implies that not only is Rebekah expressing and acting on differing points of view from her husband’s, but that it appears to be an either-or situation, as in, both sons cannot and will not be favored equally. Already with this word the reader can sense the conflict between the two pairs. Also, because of the “but,” the emphasis of this sentence is on the second part referring to Rebekah’s love for Jacob, implying that it will win out in the end. Her willingness to do anything for Jacob can also 1
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be observed through her response to him expressing fear of Isaac discovering their plan and cursing him. She replies, “‘upon me be your curse, my son’” (Genesis 27:13).
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lith - 1 EXAMPLE ONE: Mommys Boys Maternal love is...

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