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Unformatted text preview: ECE 107 Electromagnetism (Spring 2010) Syllabus: Ch. 1. Waves and Phasors 1 lecture Pages 12-38, electric and magnetic fields, waves, complex numbers, phasors Ch. 2. Transmission Lines 5 lectures Pages 48-58, lumped element model, transmission line equations Pages 65-76, propagation, reflection coefficient, wave impedance ----------------- Pages 80-87, special cases of lossless lines, power flow Pages 88-99, the Smith chart Pages 100-110, impedance matching ----------------- Ch. 3. Vector Analysis 2 lectures Pages 131-150, vectors, orthogonal coordinate systems, transformations Pages 151-167, gradient of scalar field, divergence, curl, Stokes theorem, Laplacian operator Midterm exam covering chapters 1-3 ----------------- Ch. 4. Electrostatics 3 lectures Pages 178-187, Maxwells equations, charge and current distributions, Coulombs law, Gausss law Pages 188-202, electric potential, conductors, dielectrics Pages 203-219, electric boundary conditions, capacitance, electrostatic potential energy, image method...
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