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Homework1 - • Dielectric material Teflon – assume ε...

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ECE 107 Electromagnetism Homework 1 1. Electric and magnetic fields: What is the force on each of two electrons that are one µ m apart? What is the magnitude of the magnetic field one cm away from a long wire carrying one mA? 2. Waves: Problem 1.9 3. Waves: Problem 1.13 4. Complex numbers: Problem 1.17 (but use z 1 =5+j4, and z 2 =-3+j3 instead) 5. Phasors: Problem 1.26 6. Transmission line model: Problem 2.3 7. Transmission line model: A standard semi-rigid coax cable has the following characteristics: Center conductor diameter: 0.91 mm Dielectric diameter: 2.98 mm
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Unformatted text preview: • Dielectric material: Teflon – assume ε =2.1, σ =0 • Conductor material: Copper –assume σ c =59.6×10 6 S/m Calculate R’, L’, G’, and C’, and Z Calculate the wavelength of a 10 GHz guided wave Calculate the phase velocity 8. Reflection coefficient: Problem 2.20 9. Reflection coefficient: Problem 2.22 10. Reflection coefficient: Problem 2.26, but replace the capacitor with an inductor, and find its inductance 11. Wave impedance: Problem 2.30 12. Wave impedance: Problem 2.34...
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