r_c_filter - R RC Filters LEP 4.4.08 Related topics...

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LEP 4.4.08 RC Filters PHYWE series of publications • Laboratory Experiments • Physics • PHYWE SYSTEME GMBH • 37070 Göttingen, Germany 24408 1 Related topics High-pass, low-pass, Wien-Robinson bridge, parallel-T filters, differentiating network, integrating network, step response, square wave, transfer function. Principle and task The frequency response of simple RC filters is recorded by point-by-point measurements and the sweep displayed on the oscilloscope. Equipment Plug-in board, 4mm plugs 06033.00 1 Resistor in plug-in box 500 Ohms 06057.50 1 PEK capacitor/case 1/10 nF/ 500 V 39105.14 4 PEK carbon resistor 1 W 5% 1 kOhm 39104.19 5 PEK connect.plug white 19 mm pitch 39170.00 5 Difference amplifier 11444.93 1 Wobble-functiongenerator 2 Hz-6 MHz 11765.93 1 Oscilloscope, 20 MHz, 2 channels 11454.93 1 Adapter, BNC-plug/socket 4 mm 07542.26 2 Connecting cord, 100 mm, yellow 07359.02 1 Connecting cord, 500 mm, red 07361.01 2 Connecting cord, 500 mm, blue 07361.04 3 Screened cable, BNC, l 300 mm 07542.10 1 Screened cable, BNC, l 1500 mm 07542.12 1 Problems To record the frequency response of the output voltage of 1. a high-pass filter 2. a low-pass filter 3. a band-pass filter 4. a Wien-Robinson bridge 5. a parallel-T filter, point by point and to display the sweep on the oscilloscope. To investigate the step response of 6. a differentiating network 7. an integrating network Set-up and procedure Set up the experiment in accordance with Fig. 1 or the circuit diagrams in Figs. 2 to 6. To measure the frequency response point by point, the input and output voltages U i and U O are measured with the oscilloscope. The frequency response can
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r_c_filter - R RC Filters LEP 4.4.08 Related topics...

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