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Name: Yağmur MİÇOOĞULLARI                                                       24.06.2007 ID: 1423276 Section: Monday Assigned to: Emre ÖKTEM INTRODUCTION TO BIOINFORMATICS TOOLS FOR ANALYZING GENE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION Gene of interest:  Pokemon (ZBTB7A) Why I interested in this gene ? Its name is same as a cartoon, it is very funny. Function of the gene:  This gene contributes to adipogenesis by affecting the switch from cellular  proliferation to terminal differentiation, represses transcription of ADH5 and CDKN2A, capable to  specifically stimulate Tat-activated HIV-1 transcription and may be an active participant in the  differentiation process. The gene ID : AF000561 NM 015898 Chromosomal location:  19p 13.3 Nucleotide number on the genome in span : 21.6 kb Size of mRNA :  4456 bp Length of the 3’UTR and 5’UTR:
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