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3.8 Assume that you are working in the pharmaceutical industry tour company just started selling Interlaken-I I and noticed that it degrades when it sits in a bottle for about 4 weeks. How would you measure the kinetics of the process? Be sure to consider what criteria you would use to decide whether to make direct or indirect measurement, qualitatively how you would make the measurements, and how you will analyze data. Since reaction is 4 weeks reaction, we assume reaction as slow reaction. So indirect method is proper for the case. An indirect method is measuring concentration vs. time to get the rate of reaction. For example of indirect measurement, UV spectroscopy would be recommended to measure the concentration of an organic compound. For experimental design, ask previous
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Unformatted text preview: researchers about the material to determine the variables and kinetics determined by research. Multiple wells could be prepared to vary one factor to another for controlling group. Example of controlling groups would be reactor pressure, partial pressure of reactant and product, flow rate of reactor, substrate temperature, and deposition rate. In this problem, non-linear least square model would be best fit for the data and determination of each variable on the degradation process. Because the rate law of the reaction could be impacted by the variable and combining the variable. Such as increase in temperature with increase in amount of catalyst etc. If non-linear least square model is not proper in this case, perform F-test to determine which model is best for the problem....
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