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5 suppresses the prompts for 1 2 3 and 4 plus those

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Unformatted text preview: RTS Save if the name you supply already exists. 5 Suppresses the prompts for 1, 2, 3, and 4 plus those issued by the DIMSTYLE Save option and DIMOVERRIDE if the dimension style name you supply already exists. When EXPERT suppresses a prompt, AutoCAD acts as if you entered y at the prompt. Warning: EXPERT’s value affects scripts, menu macros, and AutoLISP routines. MAXACTVP The maximum number of viewports that can be regenerated at one time. The default is 64. MBUTTONPAN Lets you use the third button or wheel on your mouse or digitizing puck to pan, overriding the menu definition. UNITMODE Determines how fractional, feet-and-inches, and surveyor’s angle units are displayed on the status line. Set it to 1 to display them in input format, as in 3'2-1/2". A value of 0, the default, displays the same number as 3'-2 1/2". VISRETAIN A setting of 0 means that xrefs take on the layer settings (on/off, thawed/ frozen, and so on) in the current drawing. A setting of 1 means that the layers settings in the xref drawing take precedence, meaning that these settings persist each time you open a drawing with the xref. The default is 1. WHIPARC Sets whether arcs and circles are displayed as a series of vectors (the default) or as true, smooth curves. WORLDVIEW Determines whether the UCS changes to the WCS when you use DVIEW or VPOINT. If you set it to 0, the UCS remains unchanged. If you set it to 1, the default, the UCS switches to the WCS during the DVIEW or VPOINT command. ZOOMFACTOR Controls the incremental change in zoom created by one IntelliMouse wheel action. Appendix E ✦ Command and System Variable Changes Table E-11 System Variables for Editing System Variable Description EXPLMODE The default, 1; lets you explode nonuniformly scaled blocks (the X and Y scales are different). Set to 0 to disallow exploding nonuniformly scaled blocks. MIRRTEXT By default, the MIRROR command mirrors selected text. Set to 0 to keep the text reading from left to right. PICKSTYLE Determines the way groups and hatches...
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