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8 a window has been modified 16 the view has been

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Unformatted text preview: ave been modified. 4 System variables have been modified. 8 A window has been modified. 16 The view has been modified. DCTCUST The custom spelling dictionary file. DCTMAIN The main spelling dictionary file. DELOBJ Determines whether objects used to create other objects are maintained in the drawing database — for example, when using the EXTRUDE command to create a 3D object from a 2D object. The default, 1, deleted these objects. A value of 0 retains them. DISTANCE The most recent distance calculated by the DIST command. DWGNAME The drawing name. DWGPREFIX The path for the drawing. DWGTITLED 0 if your drawing has not been named; 1 if it has. EXTMAX The upper-right corner of the drawing extents. EXTMIN The lower-left corner of the drawing extents. FILEDIA Turns on and off the display of dialog boxes that deal with files, such as the Select File dialog box. Set to 0 to turn off file dialog boxes. INSNAME Stores a default block name for INSERT. LASTANGLE The end angle of the arc you drew most recently. LASTPOINT The most recent point entered. LASTPROMPT Stores the most recent text string that appears on the command line, including user input. LIMMAX The upper-right corner of the drawing limits. Appendix E ✦ Command and System Variable Changes System Variable Description LIMMIN The lower-left corner of the drawing limits. LOCALE The ISO language code of the current AutoCAD version. LOGINNAME The user’s name required in order to log in on a network system. MENUECHO Sets the display (echo) of menu items. By default (0), all items are echoed. Its value is the sum of these values: 1 Suppresses echo of menu items (^P in a menu item toggles echoing). 2 Suppresses display of system prompts during menu use. 4 Disables ^P menu toggle. 8 Displays input/output strings; used for debugging DIESEL macros. MENUNAME The current menu name. OLEHIDE Determines whether OLE objects are visible onscreen and printed/plotted. By default (value = 0), they are visible. The setting of 1 makes them visible in paper space only, 2 makes them visible in...
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