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Also see obscuredcolor and halogap 1 creates a solid

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Unformatted text preview: OBSCUREDLTYPE Determines the linetype of obscured lines. Also turns on obscured lines. Also see OBSCUREDCOLOR and HALOGAP. 1 creates a solid line, 2 creates a dashed line, 3 creates a dotted line. For more options, see the AutoCAD Command Reference in Help. PROXYWEBSEARCH Specifies how AutoCAD checks for Object Enablers, which display custom objects in AutoCAD drawings even when the ObjectARX application that created them is unavailable. Object Enablers are checked via your Internet connection and Point A. You can also set this system variable by choosing Tools ➪ Options, clicking the System tab, and going to the Live Enabler Options. Continued CD-55 CD-56 Appendixes Table E-4 (continued) System Variable Description REMEMBERFOLDERS Controls in which folder file selection dialog boxes, such as the Select File dialog box, open by default. A value of 1, the default, remembers the last used folder and opens subsequent file selection dialog boxes in the same folder. A value of 0 uses the path specified by an AutoCAD icon, if that’s how you start AutoCAD. See Appendix A for information on creating Start In paths for an icon. STARTUPTODAY A value of 1, the default, displays the Today window when you start AutoCAD or a new drawing. A value of 0 displays the traditional Startup dialog box. Because displaying the Today window takes a great deal of time, you may want to turn it off at the beginning of script files or AutoLISP routines that run through many drawings. You can turn it on again at the end of the script or routine. WHIPTHREAD Determines whether AutoCAD uses an additional processor, if one exists on your computer. Settings range from 0 (no additional processor is used) to 3 (the default — additional processor is used for regens and redraws). WMFFOREGND Works in tandem with the WMFBKGND system variable. Controls the foreground (line) color of AutoCAD objects when the objects are brought into another application using the WMFOUT command, copied and pasted as a Windows metafile, or dragged and dropped. WMFFOREGND is applicable only when y...
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