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Choose 1 to return to plan view the default is 0 sets

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Unformatted text preview: y in the N direction for polyface meshes. UCSFOLLOW Determines whether AutoCAD returns you to plan view when you change the UCS. Choose 1 to return to plan view. The default is 0. UCSORTHO Sets whether the related UCS is automatically restored when you changed to an orthographic view such as Top, Bottom, Left, and so on. Appendix E ✦ Command and System Variable Changes Table E-8 System Variables for Attributes System Variable Description ATTDIA Determines whether you get a dialog box when you use the INSERT command to insert a block that contains attributes. A setting of 0 turns off the dialog box. ATTMODE Determines whether attributes are visible or invisible. ATTREQ If you set this to 0, AutoCAD uses default attribute values when you insert a block with attributes. If you set it to 1, the default, AutoCAD prompts you for values. Table E-9 System Variables for Dimensioning System Variable Description DIMASSOC Replaces the DIMSASO system variable (which still exists). Sets the associativity for dimensions. 0 = exploded dimensions; 1 = nonassociative dimensions; 2 = associative dimensions. DIMSHO When on, the default, AutoCAD continually recomputes associative dimensions as you drag an object. Table E-10 System Variables for Drawing Aids System Variable Description BLIPMODE Turns blips on and off. EXPERT Controls whether certain prompts are issued, according to the following values: 0 Issues all prompts normally. 1 Suppresses “About to regen, proceed?” and “Really want to turn the current layer off?” 2 Suppresses the prompts for 1 plus “Block already defined. Redefine it?” and “A drawing with this name already exists. Overwrite it?” Continued CD-59 CD-60 Appendixes Table E-10 (continued) System Variable Description 3 Suppresses the prompts for 1 and 2 plus those displayed when you try to load a linetype that’s already loaded or create a new linetype in a file that already defines it. 4 Suppresses the prompts for 1, 2, and 3 plus those displayed by UCS Save and VPO...
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