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autocad 2002 bible bonus_appe

Closes all open drawings converts a color dependent

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Unformatted text preview: its standards file. CLOSEALL Closes all open drawings. CONVERTCTB Converts a color-dependent plot style table (CTB) to named plot style tables (STB), one for each color with unique plot properties, another for each group of colors that have the same plot properties, and a default named plot style called NORMAL. CONVERTPSTYLES Converts the current drawing to either named or color-dependent plot styles, whichever type the drawing is not currently using. CUSTOMIZE Opens the Customize dialog box in which you can customize toolbars, buttons, and keyboard shortcuts. DBLCLKEDIT Determines whether a dialog box opens when you double-click an object so you can edit the object. A value of ON means that a dialog box opens; OFF means that no dialog box opens. DIMDISSOCIATE Disassociates dimensions with objects and converts the dimensions into nonassociated dimensions. DIMREASSOCIATE Associates dimensions with objects. DIMREGEN Updates the locations of dimensions relative to their objects. For example, if you use a wheel mouse to pan or zoom with model space active in a layout, the dimensions are no longer in their proper locations. DIMREGEN fixes this. EATTEDIT Opens the Enhanced Attribute Editor in which you can change attribute properties and values. EATTEXT Starts the Attribute Extraction Wizard so you can extract the data from block attributes. ENDTODAY Closes the Today window. Appendix E ✦ Command and System Variable Changes Command Description ETRANSMIT Opens the Create Transmittal dialog box, so you can e-mail a drawing and its related files. JUSTIFYTEXT Changes the justification of text without changing its location. LAYERP Equivalent to clicking the new Layer Previous button. Not only switches to the last current layer but restores previous layer settings, such as color or linetype and states, such as off/on or frozen/thawed. LAYERPMODE When on, AutoCAD tracks layer changes so you can use the LAYERP command or Layer Previous button. When off, AutoCAD does not track layer changes. LAYERTRANS Opens the Layer Translator in which you can spec...
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