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Hatches are selected without their boundaries 1 group

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Unformatted text preview: can be selected, according to the following values: 0 No group selection. Hatches are selected without their boundaries. 1 Group selection. Hatches are selected without their boundaries. 2 No group selection. Hatches are selected along with their boundaries. 3 Group selection. Hatches are selected along with their boundaries. WMFBKGND Lets you control the background of Windows metafile objects, whether created using WMFOUT, copied to the clipboard and pasted as a metafile, or dragged and dropped as a metafile. You can set the background to transparent or have it take on the background color of your drawing screen (the default). WMFFOREGND Works in tandem with the WMFBKGND system variable. Controls the foreground (line) color of AutoCAD objects when the objects are brought into another application using the WMFOUT command, copied and pasted as a Windows metafile, or dragged and dropped. WMFFOREGND is applicable only when you set WMFBKGND to 0, which makes the background color transparent. A value of 0, the default, swaps foreground and background colors if necessary to make the foreground color, that is, the objects, darker than the background color. A value of 1 does the opposite, so that the foreground color is lighter than the background color. Table E-12 System Variables for Information and Customization* System Variable Description ACADPREFIX The path of the ACAD environment. ACADVER The AutoCAD version number. AREA The most recent area calculated by AREA, LIST, or DBLIST. Continued CD-61 CD-62 Appendixes Table E-12 (continued) System Variable Description AUDITCTL Set to 1 to create an audit report file, or to 0 if you don’t want a report. CDATE Stores the date and time. CMDACTIVE Stores whether a regular command, transparent command, script, or dialog box is active. CMDNAMES The name of the active regular and transparent commands. DATE The date and time in Julian format. DBMOD Saves the types of modifications done in the drawing. Its value is the sum of the following: 1 Objects h...
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