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Sets the number of line segments that each spline

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Unformatted text preview: n mesh but not the fit surface, and shows invisible edges of 3D faces and polyface meshes. SPLINESEGS Sets the number of line segments that each spline generates. A higher number results in a curve that more precisely matches the frame. SPLINETYPE Determines the type of spline curves created by the Spline option of the PEDIT command. Use 5 for a quadratic B-spline and 6 (the default) for a cubic B-spline. SURFTYPE Sets the type of surface fitting used by the Smooth option of the PEDIT command. Set 5 for a quadratic B-spline, 6 (the default) for a cubic B-spline, and 8 for a Bézier surface. Appendix E ✦ Command and System Variable Changes Table E-14 System Variables for Text System Variable Description FONTALT Sets an alternative font that AutoCAD will use if the specified font cannot be found. FONTMAP Specifies a fontmap file to use for substituting fonts. MIRRTEXT Specifies whether text is mirrored like other objects or retains its typical left-to-right orientation. TEXTSIZE Stores the default or most recent height for text styles without a fixed height. TEXTSTYLE The current text-style name. ✦ ✦ ✦ CD-65...
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