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System variables for more information on new and

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Unformatted text preview: Use -purge on the command line. System Variables For more information on new and changed system variables, see the AutoCAD Command Reference. New system variables Table E-4 shows the new system variables. Appendix E ✦ Command and System Variable Changes Table E-4 New System Variables in AutoCAD 2002 System Variable Description DIMASSOC Replaces the DIMSASO system variable (which still exists). Sets the associativity for dimensions. 0 = exploded dimensions; 1 = nonassociative dimensions; 2 = associative dimensions. HALOGAP Specifies the percentage of an inch to shorten a haloed line — a line in a 3D model that would otherwise be hidden using the HIDE command. Haloed lines are shortened to set them off from unhidden lines and display only when you use the HIDE command or the Hide option of SHADEMODE. Does not apply to the lines that create the back (hidden) sides of solids or surfaces. Also see OBSCUREDCOLOR and OBSCUREDLTYPE. HIDETEXT Use the On setting, the default, if you want text to be hidden behind other objects and to hide other objects when you use the HIDE command. If you use an Off setting, text will not hide other objects, nor be hidden, unless it has a thickness. LAYOUTREGENCTL Determines regeneration when you switch to another layout/model tab. A value of 0 regenerates the drawing each time you switch tabs. A value of 1 suppresses regenerations (by saving the display list to memory) between the Model tab and the last layout you used. A value of 2 (the default) regenerates the drawing the first time you switch to each tab only but suppresses regenerations afterward. OBSCUREDCOLOR Determines the color of obscured lines, specified by using one of the standard AutoCAD color index numbers (from 0 to 256). An obscured line is a line that would otherwise be hidden when you use the HIDE command and appears only when you turn on OBSCUREDLTYPE by giving it a value other than 0 and when you use the HIDE command or the Hide option of SHADEMODE. Also see HALOGAP....
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