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The most recent perimeter calculated by area list or

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Unformatted text preview: model space only, and 3 suppresses their visibility. PERIMETER The most recent perimeter calculated by AREA, LIST, or DBLIST. PFACEVMAX The maximum number of vertices per face. SCREENSIZE The size, in pixels, of the current viewport. SHPNAME The default shape name. STARTUPTODAY A value of 1, the default, displays the Today window when you start AutoCAD or a new drawing. A value of 0 displays the traditional Startup dialog box. TDCREATE The date and time the drawing was created. VIEWCTR The center of the view of the current viewport. VSMAX The upper-right corner of the virtual screen. VSMIN The lower-left corner of the virtual screen. WORLDUCS Stores whether the UCS is the same as the World Coordinate System. A value of 0 means that the UCS is different; a value of 1 means that the UCS and the WCS are the same. XREFCTL Set to 1 to create an xref log file. Set to 0 if you don’t want to create a log file. * Many of these system variables are read-only, which means that they just provide information and can’t be changed. CD-63 CD-64 Appendixes Table E-13 System Variables for Object Creation System Variable Description CECOLOR Sets the current color for new objects. CELWEIGHT Sets the current lineweight for new objects. CELTSCALE Sets the current linetype scale for new objects. CELTYPE Sets the current linetype for new objects. PELLIPSE A setting of 0, the default, creates a true ellipse. Set to 1 to create a polyline representation of an ellipse. PLINEGEN When set to 0, the default, linetypes start each vertex of a polyline with a dash. When set to 1, the linetype is generated in a continuous pattern regardless of the vertices. POLYSIDES The default number of sides for polygon. SKPOLY If set to 0, SKETCH creates lines. If set to 1, it creates polylines. SPLFRAME Sets spline-fit polyline display. If 0, the default, doesn’t display the control polygon for splines and spline-fit polylines, displays the fit surface of a polygon mesh but not the defining mesh, doesn’t display the invisible edges of 3D faces or polyface meshes. If 1, displays the control polygon for splines and spline-fit polylines, displays the defining mesh of a polygo...
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