Quiz 1 sol - EEL3801 Computer Organization Pop Quiz#1 February 1 2010 NAME_Solution(pts per choice as indicated below SIGNATURE Closed books closed

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Page 1 of 1 EEL3801: Computer Organization Pop Quiz #1 - February 1, 2010 NAME:_____Solution (pts per choice as indicated below)_ SIGNATURE:___________________________ Closed books, closed notes, no crib sheets. Only non-programmable 4-function calculators allowed. Circle the best answer to each question to receive full credit. Papers collected at 9:15AM. 1) The Instruction Fetch Unit is part of which of the 5 fundamental components of computer system: [18 pts] a) Control Path (+18) b) ALU c) Memory d) Input e) Output 2) What is the clock period of a processor that requires 5 seconds to execute a workload containing 2,000,000,000 instructions with an average of 2.5 cycles per instruction? [18 pts] a) 1 GHz b) 1 nanosecond (+18) c) 1 picosecond d) 575 MHz e) (1.3 E 9) Hz 3) The instruction execution cycle of a processor can be best described as: [16 pts] a) Load Operands b Compile b Execute b) Decode Operands b Compile b Store c) Load Instruction b Branch b Store d) Fetch b Decode b Execute
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