quiz 3 sol - g) EA=[Ri]; increment Ri 2. [30 pts] Re-write...

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Page 1 of 1 EEL3801: Computer Organization Pop Quiz #3 - February 22, 2010 NAME:________________________ SIGNATURE:_____________________________ PID:_____________________ Closed books, closed notes, no crib sheets. Only non-programmable 4-function calculators are allowed. Show all your work and circle your final answer. All papers will be collected at 9:15AM. 1. Match the name and addressing function of each addressing mode. On the ANSWER line, please write the LETTER from the list below where EA =Effective Address, Ri =the i th general purpose register, X =a memory address, LOC=a memory address, value =a constant. [10 pts] Absolute mode ANS: ____c____ [10 pts] Immediate mode ANS: ____a____ [10 pts] Indirect mode ANS: ____d____ [10 pts] Register mode ANS: ____b____ [10 pts] Relative mode ANS: ____e____ a) Operand =Value b) EA=Ri c) EA=LOC d) EA=[Ri] or EA=[LOC] e) EA=[PC]+X f) EA=[Ri]+[Rj]
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Unformatted text preview: g) EA=[Ri]; increment Ri 2. [30 pts] Re-write the C-language statement a=b+3; using zero or more instances of the following assembly language instructions: Add , Branch , Move , and/or Decrement . Assume the variables a and b are stored at locations A and B in main memory, respectively. Use only two-operand instructions and only one general purpose register. Move B, R1 Add #3, R1 Move R1, A 3. [10 pts] Write the Register Transfer Notation expression for the assembly language instruction Add A, B where A and B are memory addresses. B b [A] + [B] or B b A + B 4. [10 pts] What is the value of the Z flag after executing the following assembly language program: Clear R1 Move #4, R2 Sub R2, R1 ANS: _____0________ Extra Credit: What kind of numbers does the Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm generate? Express your answer only as a single English word. [5 pts] ANS: Prime...
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