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Checkpoint Web site Plan - message boards The audience that...

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Title 1 Checkpoint Web site Plan History of Fort Reno Web site Plan Mary Angel Axia College University of Phoenix .
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Title 2 The web site that I have picked to do is one on the history and how far Fort Reno has become. Attention needs to be taken away for the research being done on the land, and redirected to the Fort and all the history that is there. This site will also help raise money for the restoration being done on the buildings. Also to let people know of all the activities that go on at the Fort, ghost stories, after dark touring, and the walk threw of the buildings that are already complete. There also be a page for feedback on the site, and games that are about the Fort,
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Unformatted text preview: message boards. The audience that will target will be the people of the town of Fort Reno, El Reno, the state of Oklahoma, and tourist that visit the town, along with route 66. People need to know that Fort Reno is more than just another run down history Fort, but one that is very much alive. The slogan for the site will be Fort Reno, Where the ghosts talk. They have so many activities that are around ghost, the grave yard tales that talk about the people of the Fort, The walk through at night to see ghost. All these talk about the history of Fort Reno....
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Checkpoint Web site Plan - message boards The audience that...

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