intro spring 010 - Objectives

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Objectives Sociology 302 will offer insights to understand how social forces in society shape our  behavior and influence our being . After all, we are the product of our society and vice versa. Our identities, hopes, fears, grievances and satisfactions can be derived from the patterns of socialization orchestrated within human groups. In this class, you will be introduced to the basic concept of sociological imagination, mindfulness, and principles of sociological reasoning. Many societal issues will be examined through the practice of classical theories and sociological perspectives. In this course, you will become more familiar with the nature of sociology, social construction of reality, micro and macro sociological analysis, and concepts such as culture, socialization, social structures, self and society, stratification, gender inequality, love, marriage, and divorce. Finally, we will explore the sociology of health, medicine, and the mind-body connection. In this course, we will : a) create an environment that encourages active participation, group interaction, and discussion in the learning process; b) actively encourage critical thinking; c) use different techniques in the teaching and learning process, and d) we will assess and evaluate your work and give timely feedback. Reading List: Text Book: James M. Henslin. 2009. Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach ( Eight or ninth edition). Reading Packet : in addition to your general sociology text, you are provided with more readings on certain topics for in-depth analysis and discussion. These readings are photocopied articles available as a packet under my name at: Paradigm (407 W. 24 th St.) *Assigned   readings   with   asterisk   below   can   be   found   on   Blackboard   (BB):   Format and Evaluation : This course will use a combination lecture-discussion style format. Regular attendance is required and I expect that students will come to all classes- both lectures and discussions . Please note that : the repercussion of being absent a total of 4 or more classes for the entire spring semester (without justifiable reason) is that your grade will automatically be lowered by one letter. Unexcused absences will count against your grade. Participants' performance in the course will be based on (a) three one hour examinations (each exams counts 20%); (b) one short project paper of 3-4 pages (20%); (c) Pop quizzes (6%); class participation and group discussions (12%); individual assignments (2%). Taken together, the exams will amount 60% of the course grade. They will include multiple choice, and short answer questions. The tests are reviews of material covered in the class, group discussions, films, and
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intro spring 010 - Objectives

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