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PSC 1 Syllabus Winter 2010 Page 1 PSC 1: GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY Winter 2010 Monday & Wednesday 6:10 – 8:00 PM 194 Chemistry Building Section: 002 (CRN: 59337) Instructor: Becky Morgan Office: 245 Young Hall Email: Office Hours: Tues. 1:00-3:00 PM & by appointment Teaching Assistant: Jing Jiang Office: 165A Young Hall Email: Office Hours: Mon. & Wed. 4:30-6:00PM Course Description: The purpose of this course is to provide both psychology majors and non-majors with an overview of the science of psychology. Important topics across multiple disciplines in psychology will be covered, including research methods, neuroscience & the biological bases of psychology, sensation & perception, cognitive, personality, social, developmental, and clinical psychology. Required Textbook: Psychology (1 st Ed.), by Schacter, Gilbert, and Wegner (2008). Worth Publishers Paper copy (ISBN: 0-7167-5215-8 or ISBN-13: 978-0-716-75215-8) eBook (ISBN: 1-4292-1793-6 or ISBN-13: 978-1-429-21793-4) Other Course Materials: Course Website: - - The website will contain the syllabus, lecture notes, lecture podcasts, announcements, miscellaneous course materials, and exam scores. Lecture notes: - PDF files of the PowerPoint slides will be posted before each lecture. - I will try to post these notes by 9:00 PM the night before each lecture (or sooner). - For some in-class demonstrations to be successful, I will leave out the punch-line or answers to some of the slides. If you miss a lecture, ask a classmate what you missed. Class emails: - Some class announcements may be made through emails to all registered students in the class. Please make sure that you access your UC Davis email account on a regular basis. Only the instructor and teaching assistant will be able to send out emails in this manner. You are responsible for all announcements made in class, on the website, through email, or on the syllabus. Academic Integrity:
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