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Week 3—Individual Quiz (Albrecht et al, chapters 14; and Brealey et al, chapter 17) Directions: Choose the correct answer by highlighting the answer with yellow marker from the MS Word program (You can also use a separate sheet, but make sure to number your answers clearly). Once you have finished the assignment, submit it to the individual forum as an attachment. There are 20 multiple choice questions. 1. Current ratio measures a. Financial leverage b. Liquidity c. Efficiency d. Profitability 2. Company X has net income of $12 million, equity of $48 million, assets of $ 100 million, and sales of $80 million. The return on equity (“ROE”) is a. 20% b. 25% c. 12% d. 15% 3. Publicly traded companies with high P/E ratios are typically associated with firms for which strong growth is predicted in the future. a. True b. False 4. Common-size income statement is generated by dividing all income statement amounts for a given year by ____ for that year. a.
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fin324+wk3+Quiz_ADM - Week 3Individual Quiz (Albrecht et...

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