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RAP LOCALITIES Introduction: Its important to remember that Rap music has always been local. From its origins in the Bronx Crews used rap music to use and claim their territories. As rap expanded to Manhattan, New Jersey and other territories, local artists were quick to identify with where they were from. Dissing other artists was dissing their origin. As hip hop spread to the west coast the rap emereged there taking over a local flavor “Gangsta Rap” as rap entered the public mainstream in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the number of local artists exploded. This expansion was so intense that the numbers of artists and styles developed during this period prevent us from addressing all of them. Instead we will focus on some of the major trends using examples that can help us think about the idea of locality in rap music in the United States and elsewhere. Also mention some of the major trends that have brought the industry to where it is today. Also highlight a few localities that you may not have encountered yet in terms of rap music. Dirty South: Master P: One of localized rap styles that emerged in the mid 1990s was dirty south (Southern Rap) as the name implies groups are performing this style from the deep south. Musically it combines style traits from Dr Dre and 2 Live Crew emphasizing booming bass, and profane sexually explicit lyrics, and drug use. Style originated with the work of Master P, who after spending some time in the West Coast moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and founded record Lbale “No Limit Records” – His hit single, I’m bout it, bout it Is credited with founding this style. Master P signed Snoop Dogg to his label in 1998.
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Hip_Hop_Ch2_Part2 - RAP LOCALITIES Introduction: Its...

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