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Media violence - October 20, 2009 Media violence and the...

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October 20, 2009 Media violence and the negative behavior. We live in a society when everything is lead and controlled by the media and its culture. The media is everywhere in our day to day lives because is specifically designed to reach very large audiences around the world. From television, movies, video games, internet, newspapers, magazines are a large form of entertainment and information, which have a great impact in our lives. There is overwhelming evidence that the media affects viewers by encouraging violent behavior through desensitization, educating fearful and negative attitudes, and diminishes their creative capacity. Some people consider television as a form of relaxation from their busy everyday life, and on the other side are others that consider it as a “born of the devil”, which destroys human culture and civilization. According to them television affects negatively the ability of attentiveness in kids, but also a split from reality which leads later in creation of criminal instincts. The average American child spends as much as 28 hours a week watching television, and typically at least an hour a day playing video games or surfing the Internet. Several more hours of each week are spent watching movies and videos, and listening to music.
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The research linking violent media with attitudes and behavior is so overwhelming that few researchers even bother to dispute that screen violence has an effect on the kids watching it. Does this mean that children directly mimic what they see on screens? Exposure to media violence is positively related to subsequent aggressive behavior, aggressive ideas, arousal, and anger, and a negative effect on helping behavior (Effects of televised violence on aggression- Bushman, 2006). What’s the answer from the entertainment industry? The entertainment industry often claims that violent media simply reflect the violence that already exists in society. Sometimes, the entertainment industry goes one step further and claims that violent media influence behavior in a beneficial way. Film director Alfred Hitchcock said,
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Media violence - October 20, 2009 Media violence and the...

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