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ENG 4380 MEMORANDUM MEMO TO: RS, Instructor of English FROM: XY, Student DATE: April 26, 2009 SUBJECT: Proposal for an Analytical Paper The article that I chose for the analytical paper is Internationalization and technological catching up of emerging multinationals: a comparative case study of China’s Haier group. The world economy is becoming increasingly integrated, and many businesses have extended their reach beyond national borders. The article is an example of how different foreign firms are able to confront the challenges of globalization in diverse political and economical systems.
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Unformatted text preview: The China’s Haier Group is analyzed and compared to India’s Tata Group, by examining their trends, motivations, strategy, growth, internationalization and the way they chose the overseas destinations. An alternative view sees the emerging internationalization as the “coming of age” for Chinese and Indian corporate sector and a measure of their ability to compete globally on equal terms. However, this more celebratory approach carries risks too: when competitive foreign acquisitions become an end in themselves, they carry the risk of irrational excess....
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