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X Y November 10, 2009 Observation Essay Workplace Observation I am currently employed at Company M, a premier design studio and leading producer of exceptional home furnishings. With over 1,000 dealers worldwide and three exclusive Company M stores. Company M has established itself as a top manufacturer since 1994 for handmade rugs, bedding, furniture, decorative accessories and fabrics. As an employer, Company M has a unique corporate culture. HOW COMMUNICATION FLOWS Organizations rely on involved courses of information to manage successfully, but if the communication process breaks down it could be unsuccessful for organization. Communication is significant to the success of any company. How Company M communicates and the methods they use impact their organizational culture. Communication at Company M consists of emails, work procedures and policies, telephones, e-mails and bulletin board postings throughout the store. A majority of the emails are sent both internally and externally, make the mass of the communication that takes place here at Company M. Using outlook express, emails also allow
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Observation Paper - XY Observation Essay Workplace...

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