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Plastic Surgery - XY Professor D Expository and Persuasive...

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X Y Professor D Expository and Persuasive Writing 1 December 8, 2009 Researched Persuasive Paper It’s inevitable that people develop certain physical signs of aging, such as wrinkles, cellulite and saggy skin. Even young people have particular physical features that bother them when they see their self in the mirror. Plastic surgery in context has nothing to do with the use of plastic or any synthetic material, but instead it is derived from the Greek word plastikos, meaning to mold or shape. ( Some people turn to cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, but there are many noninvasive methods to feel better about the way you look. In today’s contemporary society, Cosmetic Surgery in teenagers is a growing trend caused by peer and media image pressure, not appropriate for every age, unless they are properly informed and understand that getting a procedure can have a lasting effect on their life forever. Since the beginning of time, human beings have been enthusiastically engaged in the detection of self- improvement. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that plastic surgery may be one of the world’s oldest healing arts. In fact, there is documentation of the use of surgical means for correcting facial injuries dating back more than 4,000 years ago. (ASPA- History of Cosmetic Surgery) However, the next foremost advances in plastic surgery weren’t to be until the 20 th century, when the wounded of war made reconstructive plastic surgery an inevitability for many soldiers. World War 1 brought cosmetic surgery to a new stage within the medical establishment.
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Some of the Europe’s most experienced surgeons dedicated their practices to restoring their countries wounded soldiers. These procedures included the first recorded instances of surgery that was truly only “cosmetic” in nature, such as the first rhinoplasty and breast augmentation procedures. The emphasis on appearance has resulted in the absurdities of celebrities in their 60's and 70's getting facelifts, Botox, hair extensions and a diversity of surgical procedures to make them appear always younger. It is no longer socially acceptable to be overweight or out of shape, with graying hair and wrinkles. Models, actors and musicians are encouraged to lose weight, or certainly be underweight, to unnaturally keep a youthful appearance through cosmetic surgery in order to appeal to fans and continue their popularity and earning power. This importance on appearance, rather than substance, has formed a booming industry in cosmetic surgery for all ages. How are teenagers affected by cosmetic surgery? The idea of the psychological maturity is an important factor to consider in determining whether or not the teenager might have realistic expectations for what plastic surgery can do for them. The number of adolescents requesting and undergoing cosmetic procedures has increased
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Plastic Surgery - XY Professor D Expository and Persuasive...

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