Bergey’s Assignment

Bergey’s Assignment - MIC105L Bergeys...

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MIC105L Bergey’s Assignment Due at the beginning of lab Th/F Feb. 4/5 15 points (print out assignment to answer questions) For each enrichment in this lab, you are expected to do your best to obtain a pure culture and complete the benchmarks for that organism as they are described in the lab manual. For three of the organisms (those on which you will eventually write a lab report), you must go further and attempt to determine the genus and species of your isolates. Because all of your isolates are from the environment, they are all 'unknowns'. It is your job to use the information available in Bergey's Manual to develop a logical strategy to characterize your organism biochemically and morphologically in order to determine its taxonomic identity (genus and species). In some cases, this will not be possible, but you can usually narrow down the possible species to 2 or 3 candidates. Hopefully we will then get 16S sequence to confirm your ID. For each organism you wish to identify, you should read about its characteristics in Brock and
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Bergey’s Assignment - MIC105L Bergeys...

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