Final Lab Notebook Guidelines

Final Lab Notebook Guidelines - -Isolate obtained and valid...

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Organization: - 3-ring binder, separate from lab manual - Title page: name, section, lab partner - Safety sheet - 16 divided and labeled sections for all 13 organisms, Winogradsky, DYOE, Miscellaneous - Pre-labs for ALL 13 organisms Winogradsky: - Introduction page - Daily log (at least 1 observation/week) - Summary DYOE: - Introduction page (Include enrichment strategies) - Daily log - Enrichment/selective plates with at least 1 condition used
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Unformatted text preview: -Isolate obtained and valid attempt at characterizing isolate-Summary ALL 13 organisms:-Pre-lab-Benchmarks (Can be in Pre-Lab)-Daily log: Includes observations, drawings, measurements, tests, etc.-Summary Partner’s work clearly identified: FYI: copied daily logs from partners don’t get credit! MUST, in your own words, state what your partner did, any benchmarks reached, ONLY drawings can be copied...
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