MicrobialCarbonCycle_W10 - MIC105 Winter 2010 Microbial...

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MIC105 Winter 2010 Microbial Carbon Cycle Assignment The Task: Diverse microbes are critical toward global elemental cycling such as the carbon cycle. The purpose of this assignment is to understand the role of diverse microbes (bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes) in global carbon cycling. A secondary goal is to use the carbon cycle as a tool to study various microbial physiologies and diversity as that relates to the global carbon cycle. We will teach you the basics of the global carbon cycle in lecture on February 5, 2010. We will give you one specific example of one area of the cycle so that you will have a template for assignment. You might also learn how other groups are approaching this assignment, and talk aspects over with your friends. This is encouraged. You will be working in groups of 6 (see attached file), and all members of the group should participate (see suggestions below). Dr. Parales and Dr. Dawson can help advise you on various aspects of this assignment, but it is up to your group to develop the final version to bring to Exam 2. Upon completion of Draft 1 (see below) you will swap your Draft 1 with your Sister
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MicrobialCarbonCycle_W10 - MIC105 Winter 2010 Microbial...

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