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Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 - Wednesday October 7th 2009 I...

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Problem Set 2 is posted. Due on 10/16 a. Review scheduled Monday 10/12 b. 7-9 PM 1003 Giedt Hall c. Announcement: I. Protein 1. RNA 2. DNA 3. Lipid 4. Peptidoglycan 5. LPS 6. Glycogen 7. Polymerization of polymers a. Sum of costs b. Core metabolism: II. Malate a. Alternative carbon source III. Amino acid + ATP = Aminoacyl AMP + Ppi (pyrophosphate) - Releasing from it pyrophosphate and binding AMP to aminoacyl = that's how it activated substrate = that activated substrate is now transfer to the transfer RNA - AA-AMP + tRNA - aminoacyl - tRNA + AMP - Cost 2 ATPs for this process - Activation of monomers = because amino acids exist as a pool in the unactivated state in the cell = therefore they must be activated before incorporation a. There is no cost in the polymerization/making the peptide bond itself = making the peptide bond costs nothing once the amino acids have been activated = what the cost is = citing the tRNA, aminoacyl tRNA into the right site on the ribosome and moving the growing polypeptide on the ribosome = the cost comes in it its interacting with the ribosome = it's not the bond that cost the ATP but it's the act of getting the ribosome into the right place that cost energy - AA tRNA - A site (placing that in there costs 1 GTP ==> 1 GDP + Pi) - Have the growing peptide chain on the A site = now it has to be transfer to the other site of the ribosome = the P site = which picks another GTP ==> 1 GDP + Pi - For each animo acid to be added to the growing polypeptide chain required 4 ATP = 4 ~ P ==> activation and adding amino acid to the tRNA, and the second thing is playing around on the ribosome so that the tRNA and the growing polypeptide chain are in the right place for forming the peptide bond, and the transfer of amino acid from the tRNA to that = it's
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