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Announcement: I. EMP 1) Pentose-phosphate 2) TCA 3) Aside on malate 4) Energy consideration 5) Central metabolism a. Schemates 1) Rich vs. minimal media 2) Monomer synthesis: b. Proteins 1) Polymerization of monomers c. Core metabolism: II. We are trying to make two cell = we are starting the biosynthetic metabolism now and we are bringing in energy cost, not energy generation a. Carbon ==> precursor ==> monomer ==> polymer ==> structures (biomass) - We are starting with Carbon to make precursor = central metabolic pathway = converting those precursors into monomers = then converting monomers into polymers = and polymers into structures = that's the biomass b. We are going from glucose => have to be phosphorylated to get to glucose-6-phosphate - ~ P (i.e. ATP) = they are spending some energy to make that transition = high energy phosphate - Pi = inorganic phosphate = sometimes Pi is not written out and you have to look at the pathway and know what's happening - Right now we are growing on glucose, but any substrate that we grow on, we need to have phosphorylation c. Triosephosphate means glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate (GAP) - It also means dihydroxyacetone-phosphate (DHAP) - They are interconvertible ==> there is an enzyme called triosephosphate trisomerase that interconvert DHAP to GAP = an aldehyde to a ketone, back and forth = no energy expected for truly reversible reaction - there has to be a reaction that pulls the reaction forward = and this is the dehydrogenase = pulls off the electron from the aldehyde and convert it into a = this is an oxidation reaction = usually accompany by a phosphorylation reaction = ATP is not required because there is
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Monday, October 5th, 2009 - Monday October 5th 2009 I...

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