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Unformatted text preview: MIC 102L Study Guide First Midterm (Nov. 2) Fall 2009 Nelson Exam coverage: 30-50% prelabs and worksheets You have or will have these for review and they should be self explanatory 25-35% on 5 lectures 25-35% on Lab Manual (pages 1-99 & Appendix A, but hemocytometer deferred to 2 nd midterm) Possible topics for the last two categories include but are not limited to : general lab safety; aseptic techniques; steps involved in focusing/aligning a compound microscope for phase contrast or brightfield microscopy; steps involved in Gram staining procedure and relating Gram positive vs. negative outcome to structure; common mistakes in Gram stain procedure and how to avoid or rule them out; how to score LSL broth for growth of presumptive coliform bacteria; coliform vs. enteric distinction; definition of MPN and how to determine it; magnification, resolution, limit of resolution; contrast, phase contrast; bacterial growth, phases of a bacterial growth curve, binary fission; arithmetic, logarithmic, and semi-log plots; impact of temperature,...
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