A_Decrease_in_Demand_for_the_Firm_in_Per - exit of existing...

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A Decrease in Demand for the Firm in Perfect  Competition o Initially the perfectly competitive firm and industry are in  long-run equilibrium at point 1 (see graph) o Price is P 0   o Output is q 0  for the firm o Output is Q 0  for the industry o Demand curve = D 0 o There are zero economic profits
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o Now suppose there is a decrease in demand o D 0  shifts left to D 1 o Price P 0  falls to P 1 o Output falls to Q 1  for the industry o Output falls to q 1  for the firm o See point 2 o Point 2 is not a long-run equilibrium because price P 1  is  below the ATC curve o When there are losses in the long-run existing firms will 
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Unformatted text preview: exit of existing firms o S will shift left to S 1 for the industry o Output will fall from Q 1 to Q 2 for the industry o Equilibrium is restored at P and Q 2 in the o long-run (point 3) o For the firm price rises to P and output returns to q o So, output falls for the industry but rises for the firm because now there are less firms in the industry and existing firms produce more o Long run equilibrium is restored at point 3...
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A_Decrease_in_Demand_for_the_Firm_in_Per - exit of existing...

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