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Classify each of the following statements as: P – Positive N – Normative o Workers deserve to be paid more o Our planet is ‘warming’ because of an increase in the  carbon dioxide build-up in the atmosphere o Universal health care cuts the amount of work time lost  due to illness o We should cut back on the use of carbon dioxide fuels  such as coal and oil o Every Canadian should have access to health care
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Answers Classify each of the following statements as:
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Unformatted text preview: P – Positive N – Normative o Workers deserve to be paid more (N) o Our planet is ‘warming’ because of an increase in the carbon dioxide build-up in the atmosphere (P) o Universal health care cuts the amount of work time lost due to illness (P) o We should cut back on the use of carbon dioxide fuels such as coal and oil (N) o Every Canadian should have access to health care (N)...
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Positive_and_Normative_Statements - P – Positive N –...

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