SensationPerception - Sensation & Perception 1....

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1. Sensation vs Perception 2. Psychophysics 1. Thresholds 2. Just Noticeable Difference (jnd) 3. Signal Detection Theory 3. Subliminal Perception 4. Attention 1. Alerting, vigilance, selective, divided Definitions ± Sensation : the detection of simple properties of stimuli; the reception and representation of stimulus energies from the environment ± Perception : the processing of meaningful objects and events in the world; organizing and interpreting sensory information ± Senses : vision (sight), audition (hearing), olfaction (smell), gustation (taste), somatosensory (touch, feeling) Psychophysics ± psychophysics : the systematic study of the relation between the physical characteristics of stimuli and the sensations/experiences that they produce ± absolute threshold = the minimum value of a stimulus that can be detected 50% of the time ± difference threshold = the minimum detectable difference between two stimuli ( a.k.a. the “just noticeable difference”)
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SensationPerception - Sensation & Perception 1....

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