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Notes on HW 6 Ch. 13 #6 First, change the pollination cost per acre to $40. In part c, assume that farmer’s profits are large enough so that he can pay whatever amount results from the bargain. Finally, in part d you won’t have a numerical answer, but you can still answer it precisely with a sentence. Ch. 13 #8 In the third line, the word “reducing” should be replaced with “increasing.” Ch. 16 #6
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Unformatted text preview: In the third line, the marginal savings function is MS(e) = 10 - e. Also, let’s add two additional parts to the question: c. Is this fine high enough to deter cheating? Explain. d. Suppose the regulator is able to increase the probability of audit to 0.05, but that it is just too costly to increase it any more. What is the optimal fine, f, to induce the firm to follow the emissions standard?...
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