Freire-ProblemPosingEducation - Philosophy of Education...

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Unformatted text preview: Philosophy of Education -- Chapter 2: Pedagogy of the Oppressed - ( ~corbetre/philosophy/education/freire/freire-2.html) 2007/12/10 20:45:06------------------------------ PAULO FREIRE: CHAPTER 2 OF PEDAGOGY OF THE OPPRESSED This reading is from: PEDAGOGY OF THE OPPRESSED by Paulo Freire. New York: Continuum Books, 1993. CHAPTER 2 Those truly committed to liberation must reject the banking concept in its entirety, adopting instead a concept of women and men as conscious beings, and consciousness as consciousness intent upon the world. They must abandon the educational goal of deposit-making and replace it with the posing of the problems of human beings in their relations with the world. "Problem- posing" education, responding to the essence of consciousness --intentionality -- rejects communiques and embodies communication. It epitomizes the special characteristic of consciousness: being conscious of, not only as intent on objects but as turned in upon itself in a Jasperian split" --consciousness as consciousness of consciousness. Philosophy of Education -- Chapter 2: Pedagogy of the Oppressed - ( ~corbetre/philosophy/education/freire/freire-2.html) 2007/12/10 20:45:52---------------------------------- Through dialogue, the teacher-of-the-students and the students-of-the-teacher cease to exist and a new term emerges: teacher-student with students-teachers. The teacher is no longer merely the-new term emerges: teacher-student with students-teachers....
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Freire-ProblemPosingEducation - Philosophy of Education...

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