GreatHappiness2muchofGoodthing - Is Great Happiness Too...

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Unformatted text preview: Is Great Happiness Too Much of a Good Thing? - - (http:// 2007/09/30 22:05:58---------------------------------- NEWS | OPINIONS | SPORTS | ARTS & LIVING | Discussions | Photos & Video | City Guide | CLASSIFIEDS | JOBS | CARS | REAL ESTATE Is Great Happiness Too Much of a Good Thing? By Shankar Vedantam Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, October 1, 2007; A09 Ten years ago, Harry Lewenstein was riding a bike down a hill in southern Portugal when he hit a bump without warning. The 70-year-old retired electronics executive was going fast, and the shock propelled him clear over the handlebars. When his wife and friends rushed up, they found him ¡at on his back. Sensing that he might have spinal cord damage, one friend poked his foot with a sharp object, and then slowly moved up his body. Lewenstein felt nothing until his friend poked his upper chest. Back at his home in California, it became clear that the injury had permanently deprived Lewenstein of all control over his legs. He had limited use of his arms but could not pick anything up with his hands. His ¢ngers were rigidly curled Now 80, Lewenstein has outlived many predictions of his death, but that is not the most remarkable thing about him: He has spent no time, he says, feeling sorry for himself or regretting the accident. He knows he was riding the bike faster than he should have. And each day, he discovers new ways to be resourceful with what he does have -- and new reasons to feel grateful. "Some people feel sorry for themselves or mad at the world," he said. "I did not . . . after I was injured, I was so totally incapacitated and so much out of everything that every day turned out to be a positive day. Each day, I recovered a little more of my memory, of my ability to comprehend be a positive day....
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GreatHappiness2muchofGoodthing - Is Great Happiness Too...

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