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HCMC-volunteerFestival - One of the responsibilities of...

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Thanhnien News - (http://www.thanhniennews.com/print.php?catid=4&newsid=33848) 2007/12/04 14:29:12 ---------------------------------- Thanh Nien News | Youth | HCMC hosts int’l volunteer festival HCMC hosts int’l volunteer festival An International Volunteer Festival kicked off last weekend in Ho Chi Minh City, attracting nearly 500 volunteers who partook in events on December 1. The focus of this year's program is to emphasize the importance of volunteers in local communities. Moreover, the message is that to volunteer is also to enrich one's knowledge and life experience.
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Unformatted text preview: One of the responsibilities of volunteers this year is participation in HIV/AIDS prevention. The event was held with coordination from agencies such as Education for Development (EFD); United Nations Volunteers (UNV); Volunteer Serving Organization (VSO); and the Don Bosco Children's Center. Reported by Phuong Nguyen Story from Thanh Nien News Published: 04 December, 2007, 19:06:39 (GMT+7) Copyright Thanh Nien News...
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