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PoorTEachingMethodHS&TeacherEd-VN - have a basic...

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2007/12/05 15:32:59 ---------------------------------- Thanh Nien News | Youth | High school students, teachers victims of poor teaching methods High school students, teachers victims of poor teaching methods Teaching methods to high school students are not right but recent trainings for teachers expected to seed new methods into them ironically failed as pedagogy methods towards the teachers are not right either. The Ministry of Education and Training recently organized many training sessions for senior high school teachers throughout Vietnam in a bid to improve their teaching methods to their students towards less memory, rote learning and more creativity. But many teachers complain they learnt nothing from the sessions. Some, after having been trained by experienced education experts, even did not know what they have acquired. A recent conference on pedagogy said one of the reasons is that those training experts do not
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Unformatted text preview: have a basic knowledge of high school education and tend to wander. Other reasons include the teachers not having enough time to attend those sessions because they have full classes at school. Professor Dinh Quang Bao, head of the Institute for Pedagogy Research said such trainings have been rising in quantity but not quality and “have not hit the nail on the head”. Le Quan Tan, head of the ministry’s High School Education Department said the ministry should not concentrate on contents but on methods of teaching. Education vice minister Nguyen Van Vong said the ministry will this year officially instruct its senior high school teachers to ameliorate their teaching and assessment methods. Next year, the ministry is to re-design all syllabuses for senior high schools, Vong said. Reported by Thu Hong - Translated by A.N.O.N Story from Thanh Nien News Published: 20 April, 2007, 11:42:26 (GMT+7) Copyright Thanh Nien News...
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PoorTEachingMethodHS&TeacherEd-VN - have a basic...

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