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agri - AGRICULTURALSECTOR Agriculture...

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AGRICULTURAL SECTOR Agriculture -science  and art  of crop and livestock production  -science bec it has a systematic process -art bec it needs the heart to do it, hard work, perseverance -has wide range of activities w/ prod f plants, animals, soil cultivation, crop and livestock management,  processing and marketing activity -factors affecting: -climate, soil, topography, nearness 2 market, transportation of facilities, land costs -3 types/ major patterns of agri devt: a. traditional agriculture/ subsistence farming -only produces what they need household -methods: hunting, animal husbandry, kaingan/ slash and burn farming, fixed cultivation  -no machines b. modernizing stage -increased importance of commercial prod in farming -not only 2 feed household; also 2 produce surplus 2 be traded in market  -methods: fertilizers, mechanized tools 4 cultivation, harvesting, threshing, milling  -uses machines c. modern stage  -specialized -large portion produced for commercial purposes/ mass prod -labor productivity is high  -methods: fertilizers, intensive cultivation, high yielding varieties of seeds max productive -uses machines: modern implements, improvised technology -4 subsets: -farming, fishing, livestock, forestry -5 classifications of land tenure -full owners, part owners, tenants, farm managers, and those other engaged in other forms of  land tenure -no full descriptions ksi ang haba nd boring!!! So refer to page.196 if u want 2 study it  -importance: -size and contribution 2 economy GDP -source of food 4 eco -source of cash crops -source of foreign exchange
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-Land reform - a deliberate attempt to reorganize nd transform existing agrarian sys w/ intention of improving the distribution of agricultural incomes nd thus fostering rural devt -Agrarian Reform: -not only land reform but also the reform and devt of complementary institutional frameworks -processes, livestock, prod of farm, taxation -Laws implemented: -agri land reform code -under the administration of Pres. Diosdado Macapagal - laid down the foundation of an ideal tenure system in the Phils with the abolition of tenancy and replaced it with long-term leasehold. -The gov’t will buy lands tilled by the farmers from the owners and sell it back to the farmers through a long-term repayment scheme. -The program wasn’t successful because land coverage was limited and the slow implementation of the provisions of the law allowed owners of tenanted farms enough time to eject their tenants in order to be exempted from shifting to leasehold tenancy.
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