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1 Department of Economics, HKUST ECON 198 MICROECONOMIC THEORY I Semester: Spring 2007 Prof. S. F. Leung Final Examination May 22, 2007 8:30 am – 11:30 am This is a closed book examination. You have 180 minutes to complete the test. Write coherently, lucidly, and legibly. Always explain your answer . The maximum score for this exam is 180 points. Points are marked next to the questions (the numbers in brackets refer to the points for each subquestion) and may be served as a rough guide to how much time you should allocate on each question. Points will be deducted for irrelevant materials. Use mathematics and/or diagrams wherever appropriate to support your answer. This examination contains 11 questions. You may find the following formulas useful: 1 n n dy dy ny dx dx = , where n is a constant. ln( ) 1 d y dy dx y dx = , y > 0.
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