final study guide - ENG STUDY Rickshaw By Loa She - Fusion...

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ENG STUDY Rickshaw By Loa She - Fusion between himself and his rickshaw, turning himself into an object, linkage between the two -piece of walking Earth, money, saving it in his chamber pot, celebrating his 20 th birthday with his rickshaw -rickshaw pullers are always on the move, upward mobility -selling sweat while on the move, all your passengers are the haves transactions between haves and have nots, becoming a have through exchange of money illusion of becoming a have because they are so close, giving the haves a service. -owner of Rickshaw shed: making a name for yourself, reputation, your face, identity -romantic description yet ends with darkness, sexual allure, dangerous, dark, going to eat him -”drink up” she is represented as a male, she is the penis -sexual intercourse symbolic language, treat her like a kitten, he is being manipulated, “stab” -didn’t understand was she was up to, he lost virginity, lost himself, intimidating, sucking up manhood, anti-women representation -past tense “shop worn item” once losses virginity she is worthless, important for women but not a man, -”old shoe” most dirty, closest to the bottom, dirtiest is most appealing, human psychology -”quickly you” ran back home, part of him, broken because of the rickshaw but really body is broken, loses face, face bleeding, decide to stay/ compromise maid advises him about money -rickshaws acts as nourishment -lacks emotions for female instead gets it from the rickshaw -they don’t share much info of their lives, all pretending they are doing fine, break down and help each other out Main Character: Hsiang Tzu PARK Chanwook “Cut”
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Note about CUT: - Cut - A successful film director and his wife are kidnapped by an extra, where the director is forced to play his sadistic games. If he fails, his wife's fingers will be chopped off one by one every five minutes. -Cut” is the story of a hotshot film director (Byung-hun Lee, “Joint Security Area”) who comes home only to get knocked out. He wakes up to find his wife strung up by wires and her fingers super glued to a piano, while he has a rope tied around his waist to limit his movements. The culprit is an actor, a faceless movie extra, who has gotten it into his head that the director has had it too good for too long and needs to be taught a lesson. A poor, self-pitying piece of scum who wants to exact revenge on the handsome and talented director because his own life has been filled with misery, the villain is cruel for the sake of being cruel, even offering the director an ultimatum: kill an innocent child, or watch the villain chop off his wife’s fingers one by one. - Strange dance routines -life put in jeopardy when an extra comes to his house and he is tied up in a room, if he doesn’t follow extra’s directions, he cuts off wife’s fingers one by one. IN CLASS NOTES:
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final study guide - ENG STUDY Rickshaw By Loa She - Fusion...

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