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New in Word 2007 Fact Sheet New Editing and Reviewing Tools With the new Ribbon, features are grouped by task in a way that makes it quicker to find features you use frequently. Access to styles and themes makes it easy to apply a professional- looking look-and-feel to your document. The spelling checker has been improved to locate commonly misused spellings such as “their” in instances that call for “there.” Improved Methods to Share Documents Word 2007 has features to make it quick to compare two versions of a document. It is easy to find and remove metadata and personal information from documents. You can add a digital signature to your documents. Also, you can save your documents as a PDF or XPS format.
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Unformatted text preview: More Formats for Storing Documents With the Document Properties feature, you can quickly view and edit your document’s properties. Its XML support reduces file sizes and improves recovery of corrupt files. Improved Tools for Recovering Your Work Microsoft Office Diagnostics includes tests you can run to determine why your computer is crashing. Program recovery helps you save work that you may have lost during a computer crash. To learn these new features, attend a one-day training seminar the week of November 10. For complete details and registration materials, call Jo Bill at 1-888-555-3467, ext. 4471....
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