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Six Steps for First - Six Steps for First-Time Job Hunters...

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Unformatted text preview: Six Steps for First-Time Job Hunters By Alina Dizik, special to Starting your job search in a struggling economy can be daunting. But it's important to realize that many businesses are still looking for new talent to fill the pipeline. Additionally, companies are eager to decrease costs by paying entry-level salaries to those just starting out. So while competition may be fierce, there are still plenty of ways to get ahead. Here are six steps to land your first job: Gather References Making sure there are three people who are willing to vouch for you can make the job search go smoothly once you reach the HR office. Ideally, references should include both professors and previous managers or anyone who can attest to your skills in a professional setting. Regardless of who your reference is, make sure the person will provide an excellent reference; too often, lukewarm references end up costing a candidate the job, experts say. Alert your reference once you provide their contact details to an employer for a check.the job, experts say....
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